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Due to its size and facilities AsiaCenter is an excellent exhibition and event venue. The spacious second floor of AsiaCenter’s Western Wing is perfect for any event from a small party to any large-scale exhibitions. The full area of 7925 sqm is to let. 

Roof gardens: Due to their specific features, some areas are connected to the roof gardens which can offer a remarkable venue to parties and diplomatic events.

Courtyard: There is a courtyard between the two building wings that can serve as unique venue for open air events. AsiaCenter can let a 1000 sqm party tent for this venue.    

Technical parameters:
1. floor: 177 units, 4930 sqm
2. floor: 125 units, 2995 sqm
Ceiling height: 3,60 m in units; 4,0 m in common area
Load: 1000 kg/sqm
Power: 230V 3x16A in the units; 3x32 A on the common area (stage). 
In case of higher demand construction is required. 
Water: construction is required. 
Sound system: The built-in system is suitable for background sound (music, loud speaker) 


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