The whole facility of AsiaCenter is barrier-free.

Free parking for cars and buses.

AsiaCenter offers free parking every day of the week both on the ground and underground level. About 2200 parking spots are waiting for customers to make shopping easy and comfortable.

On the second floor of the Eastern Wing lots of restaurants are offering special meals of various international cuisine. In several places of AsiaCenter there are nice coffee shops with delicious cakes, refeshments, sandwitches and ice cream.

AsiaCenter is a family and pet friendly shopping center, offering babisitting playhouse, family theater, diaper changing tables and high chairs. From 2016, AsiaCenter allows well socialized pets to enter the building and set up special house rules for visitors with pets. 

Gas station, car wash, tire service, tobacco shop, beauty and health services (defibrillator) are available in AsiaCenter.

Storage, logistics and moving of goods.

There are car parks with ramps on both sides of the building complex for truck and trailer traffic of modern freight forwarding. Under the building 10 000 sqm of storage space is rentable for our partners.

There are ATMs and currency excange spots operating on several locations of the building complex. 

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